New 'Germany' additive Grotech & sea salt

9 October 2006
UPDATED 22 Nov 2007

GROTECH Magnesium pro 3.5kg Rp 600.000 ; 1kg Rp 260.000
Additive to Calcium reactor for increase of Magnesium contents. Added 10% Magnesium pro into the used Ca media.

GROTECH Magnesium Pro instant 1kg Rp 260.000 ------ habis
GROTECH Magnesium Pro instant 3kg Rp 600.000

In the marine water aquarium, great quantities of Calcium and Magnesium are required, in order to achieve an optimum growth of corals and red calc algaes.
1 measuring spoon (abt. 10g) results in an increase of the Magnesium contents by about 11mg per 100 liter aquarium water, without shifting of the ion balance.
In case of larger deviations, the quantity should be increased over a period of numerous days via the refill water. In case if minor quantities, please dose directly
into the filter basin at a well-circulated area. The optimum value is about 1330mg/liter.

GROTECH Mineral pro - 1kg Rp 260.000 ------ habis
During this procedure also all minerals
and trace-elements will be eliminated from the water.
By adding of 1 table spoon Mineral pro on 10 Liter water, this will be remineralized, that means, that the essential minerals and trace-elements
will be readded to the completely desalted water.

GROTECH Carbonat pro 1kg Rp 260.000 ------ habis
Carbonatpro Instant is a special buffer and carbonate hardness (kH) builder, which takes care that the pH-value in the marine water aquarium
will be stabilized at a value between 8,0 and 8,3 and replaces carbonate hardness, which has been consumed due to precipitation and biological
catabolic processes.
1 measuring spoon (abt. 8g) results in an increase of the carbonate hardness of abt. 1°kH per 100 liter aquarium water.

GROTECH Calcium pro 1kg Rp 260.000------ habis

Instant Immediately soluble Calcium. The optimum value is at abt. 420mg/l. 1 measuring spoon (abt. 10g) results in an increase of the calcium
contents abt. 18mg per 100 liter aquarium water.

Marine environment sea salt by aquacraft 6.8kg/190L perbag Rp 300.000/bag
Coralife seasalt (habis) 20kg >500 L + Free 1 tshirt Rp 750.000/ pail ; Rp 1950.000/3 pail

High grade scientifically designed salt for the serious reef and fish aquarist.
All important nutrients and elements are concentrated into our salt for a truly enriched seawater environment



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22 March 2007
Pak Nugraha, emang produk yg digambar itu bagus ya?
Soalnya saya punya yg itu, waktu itu beli di Sing ampe sekarang blom pake soalnya yang lama masih ada.
Emang bagus ya?