Happy New Year 2009 ..!!


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When the light spread at the eastern horizon..great spirit fill in the air...
This is a new dawn....
This is a new day......
This is a new year.....
all good in the past.. make'em to pump your spirit ahead to brighter future.. all bad or evil...get over it..!! and hope better next time...

to all moderators and members of reefsforum..
Hope better 4 all, every and each one of u guys.. better life..personal and profesional life...and one thing.. keep on keep happy reefing... :D :D salam...
Happy new year too.. ^^

so... what all members planning about your aqua in 2009???
so... i think it's interest to share it to other member. ^^

i am planning to a coral in the bottom left side of my aqua.... and make nitrate down to 12,5 PPM hehehe

@ntony !eonardo

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Not yet.... Finally I realize that on in the lefy section of my nano, there are a lot of mushrooms hehehe.....

But, some mushroom will be propagated. Especially the blue dot and the red striped....
Sayang juga tapinya... :( :(
The red striped is big enough about 6-7 cm (diameter) in full size....


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can't wait to see it... :D :D .btw is there any criteria on mushoom propagation..? I mean about their size..age..species maybe..?? and one thing..I heard about this propagation can be done to another coral..I mean some kind of anemone such as BTA, or leather coral, star fish..etc..all u have to do is just cut it out with sharp razor and walahhh...each pieces become new individu.. is that right..?? have u done it before..or at least saw it ??

@ntony !eonardo

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can't wait to see it... .btw is there any criteria on mushoom propagation..? I mean about their size..age..species maybe..??

It is hard to guess "the age" of the mushroom. But for me there are 2 criterias: 1. The size is big enough 2. The health of the mushroom

About anemone, I think we can do the same as the mushroom. We know that the other name of mushroom is disc snemone? hehehe.... But I dont recommend the propagation for ricordea...


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why about ricordea..?? oh I got it..especially california ricordea..it's very expensive right..if u do it and then they die..U'll regret it for the rest of your life..ha..ha... :lol: :lol: bit I really wonder why.. the truth....!!

@ntony !eonardo

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Hehehe.... you confused me hehehe.....

First of all, yup the price...
And What I know is, it is hard to propagate ricordea. Maybe, you would like to become the pioneer? heheh.... :lol:


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Florida ricordea..?? I don't have one.. :D :D , I just have ordinary ricordea which called "yuma" right..?? and propagation... I never done such a thing, my knowledge still not enough for it.. :D :D


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what do u mean with no flow..?? No flow..or. slow flow..? cause I think if no water flow..there won't be oxygen in the water..that's "contraproductive" with growth of the mushroom.. am I right..or..right..?? :D :D

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