Hi All. info wanted


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:D well finally got here. I saw Seaworld. Okay and had a nice seafood lunch nearby. How hot is it over here. Panas?? Off to sumenep st tomorrow. Also went to Bandung. Its a bit cooler there.


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sumenep was definately worth seeing. I could not believe how cheap the fish were. Makes me want to move to indonesia permanently. Thanks for all the info. I had a great holiday. Think I 'll come back next year but maybe in June. Hopefully it will be a bit cooler. lol.


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That's our pleasure to have u here in this forum... and I'm glad that u had a good time spending your holiday in Indonesia, so..u'll leave soon..?? have a nice trip.. and don't forget.. keep in touch will u..?? it's nice to have friends from abroad in this site.. :wink: :wink:


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yeah my friend got their ac from somewhere in Jakarta. Installation was cheap about 390 rup (A$50) Same system here would cost about A$700 + to install. :smt004


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I dont have a salt water setup at the moment. Only tropical. I've been thinking about getting back into it.
How did you all go with the earthquake. Hope everyone and their tanks are ok


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oscar tanu said:
Hi Bream :smt006
welcome to Indonesia..
May you can visit (Jakarta) :
1. Eco-Reef Marine Systems
Jalan Arteri Kelapa Dua (Jl. Panjang) No. 22 s/d 27
Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat
Phone 021 - 535 7332
2. Indo Coral Reef
Jelambar Madya 4 (Kavling Polri) Blok C 6 No: 875/876
Jakarta Barat
Phone 021-70652077


Oscar Tanu

Hi Guys,

Greetings from Dubai....My turn to ask where can I buy good zoanthids in Jakarta?

Im coming there for a holiday in Nov 1st week...

I will be staying next to Mangga Dua Mall..in Hotel Ibis Mangga Dua...Which place would be closest for me to shop for corals? Is Eco-Reef and Indo coral reef nearby?


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Hi all

Im planning another visit later this year. Anyone know where to get eheim spare parts in Jakarta. I'm looking for a cannister for an eheim 2215. Its not really worth buying one over here.


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Hi all :D
I'm back, well almost - I arrive at about 6.40 pm tomorrow. Its been cold here so the warmer weather should be good. Never got to Kartini last time so I will check it out this time. Anyone been to Aquatheque in Kemang, they have some interesting L number cats I want to see.
cheers :D

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